So way back in 2011 Drake dropped a lyric along the lines of “Tatt my name on you so you know it’s real”, and 4 years on it seems that Drizzy is still staying adamant to his word.

However, instead of the girls and relationships he might have once been referring too, the OVO rapper is now using permanent ink as a sign of sentiment towards a growing brotherly bond with one of our very own.
It’s no secret that the Canadian icon has been very vocal about his admiration for Skepta, BBK and the entire UK scene. The pair went onto perform together at Wireless festival and OVO Fest and even collaborated on a track together when jumping on a Wiz Kid remix.

So to show his appreciation to Boy Better Know, believe it or not Drake has just got a brand new tattoo, showcased via Skepta’s Instagram with the caption:


Now after witnessing this it goes without saying the pair’s relationship goes way beyond music.
From London to Toronto big up Mr Drizzy Drake !