This week we are joined by Nottingham Artist Kamar where he will be joining us at 7pm with DJ Silky D on the Lockdown show, 97.5 kEMET FM

Kamar – A diverse multi talented Songwriter, Vocalist, Rap & Grime Artist
Currently recording both solo & within two of Nottingham’s most elite musical movements

LTMT (Let the music talk) – Founder J.Gold – Artists Include; J.Gold, Kamar, Marcia & Dev working with Producer J.Gold
NewCamp – Founder Wariko – Artists Include; Wariko, Kamar, Splinta, J Dot & Kyza working with Producers BeatGeeks

Kamar started his musical career at the age of five!
He loved performing & singing so much you couldn’t keep him off the stage, he was involved in all School Plays & Community Events.
Kamar spent his early years performing songs off Ushers third studio album 8701, as well as Usher, Kamar looked to other Artists such as Boys II Men, Tyrese, Jodeci, J Cole & Lauryn Hill for inspiration

However Kamar’s true inspiration came from much closer to home

“My father is one of the most passionately musical men that I know, he is a master of many musical instruments & still to this day he continues to play & perform live”

Kamar’s father Leslie Davis was a star in his own right during the 70s & 80s & released a lover’s rock album titled “When I Fall in Love”

Kamar continued to sing throughout secondary school & also began composing songs as well as performing them to the GCSE students. This gave him confidence in his own abilities & the drive to fulfil his musical career.
It was during the 1990’s when Kamar really came into his own; he started College & began working with his close friend Alando Thomas

“Alando became my musical mentor, my musical brother, who embraced me deeper into the 90s feel in both composition & performing & here we are today”