Jay Z and Beyonce release amazing movie trailer for On The Run tour

Trust Jay Z and Beyonce not to go and promote their upcoming On The Run tour like any other musical geniuses.

Nope, the superstar couple have just gone and released a movie trailer named Run to promote their recently announced tour – and trust us, if this was a real film you’d totally want to go and see it.

Starring a ridiculous amount of household names, including Blake Lively and Emmy Rossum, the trailer sees Bey robbing a bank in a skimpy bra, with plenty of guns, swear words and balaclavas. It’s pretty much a high-octane version of their Bonnie and Clyde music single.

jay-z on the run

It looks like the Met Gala lift-gate is officially behind Bey and Jay, as Jay posted the tour-promoting video on his personal website last night – signalling we should all sort of just get over it now and move on.

Oh, but we just want to know what happened…
on run 2

The mega tour kicks off next month in Miami and will take the husband and wife across the US and Canada until August.

We’re pretty sad they’ll not be hitting up the UK as part of their tour tbh, but naturally we’ll just be keeping a close eye on their social media accounts for all the stage outfits and details…

on run 3