Meet Fake Drake! Rapper goes undercover in wig and beard to quiz people about himself… and is told 'he's a chicken head'

Meet Fake Drake! Rapper goes undercover in wig and beard to quiz people about himself… and is told ‘he’s a chicken head’

There aren’t many celebrities who would seek out criticism.
But Drake dared to find out just what the public really think of him this week – with hilarious results.
For a skit on Jimmy Kimmel the rapper donned a convincing disguise and headed out onto Hollywood Boulevard to quiz passers by about himself.
‘Fake Drake’ was told he was ‘a chicken head’ and ‘childish’ and ‘an actor’ as a group of unaware onlookers answered his comic questions.



Drake asked on man: ‘How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYS?’
While Drake will host the ESPYs, they don’t take place until July.
However the man replied seriously: ‘I think its baloney, you know.
‘I mean everybody should be treated equally. And hopefully it’ll impact his career too, in a negative way.’


Another man wanted to share his strong feelings about Drake.
‘I’d say he’s a chicken head,’ he said simply.
And when Drake asked if he was a fan, the man replied simply: ‘no’.
As time went on, Drake’s questions got more outlandish.


To one elderly woman Fake Drake asked: ‘Drake performs as long as my bitches love me at Malia Obama’s birthday party; the viral video comes out, she’s crying, she’s plugging her ears. And it makes you feel what?’
The shocked woman answered seriously: ‘Sad, very sad.’
To a younger Australian woman he asked: ‘How do you feel about Drake performing a surprise performance at Coachella and airing his sex tape on the screen?’


‘No, no,’ she answered, horrified.
Fake Drake then asked her: ‘Does that sound like a drake thing to you?’
To which she replied: ‘Yeah, they all do that kind of thing.’
Another passer by was asked: ‘Today a story came out where Drake apparently got a little too tipsy and apparently urinated in a baby gap. What do you think of that?’

‘Childish,’ he replied, to which Drake added, ‘No pun intended?’
One non-fan explained his dislike to the rapper: ‘I don’t like Drake, I think he’s an actor and not a real rapper.’
And a character with his guitar even made up an impromptu ditty about Drake, which he unknowingly sand to the rapper himself.
‘Drake, yeah I think you suck. Maybe you should try and actually play an instrument dude, stop acting you suck.’

But there was one Drake defender – a huge fan who repeatedly stuck up for his idol.
Questioned about the ESPYs he said: ‘I think he definitely killed it. An awesome performance, definitely a great guy.’
And then asked: ‘What was better. Was it the Taylor Swift impression, or was it when he cried at the end because he was so happy?’
He answered: ‘I think it was when he cried at the end, it showed he’s a genuine guy, you know.’


As the superfan started rapping one of Drake’s songs, the rapper pulled off his disguise.
And the delighted fan ran away in shock and delight.
He then resurfaced on Kimmel’s show, looking thrilled as he embraced his new pal Drake.
Kimmel explained the reasoning behind the skit.
‘It’s hard to figure out what people really think. Because in person people are nice because in you could punch them in person. But online they are not nice.’