Tim Westwood is leaving BBC Radio One & 1Xtra after twenty years as the Big Dog


It’s a happy day for Radio 1Xtra DJs Charlie Sloth and Mistajam, so congratulations to them, but it’s a very sad day for the Big Dog (or is it Big Dawg?) himself, Tim Westwood, because after twenty years of presenting his show on Radio One and 1Xtra, he’s leaving.

Tim, who’s 55 and was hired back in 1994, presented his hip-hop and rap show between 9pm-11pm on Radio One and 1Xtra, but after a schedule shakeup, has been replaced by Charlie Sloth – upsettingly, the same DJ who replaced him on his drivetime show last year.

Er, Charlie Sloth is really good though. But Tim! Poor Tim. He’ll still be on air until September, so get your fill of ridiculous sound effects and street slang while you can.

Charlie Sloth said today: “Words can’t describe how happy I am,” he said. “It’s like a dream come true for me and something that I’ve worked towards my whole career, especially to be succeeding a legend like Tim Westwood who has done so much for the game. I know they are big shoes to fill, but luckily, man’s got fat feet.”

Tim Westwood performs on stage on the first day of BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend-846601

There’s no word from Westwood, but we’d imagine he’s quite sad and quite upset. We know we are. When he lost Drivetime last year, he went on a Twitter rant, saying: “I’ve been sacked from 1Xtra Mon-Fri 4-7pm from sept #Westwoodyourfired,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s official I’ve lost my afternoon voice due to schedule changes I will not be presentin 1Xtra Mon-Fri 4-7pm from Sept.”

But let’s not forget that Tim has mates in high places – last year Nicki Minaj defended Tim, tweeting: “Ur kidding right? Wtf? dm ur nmbr. U need to come to the States! Ur a f**king gold mine. No one in their right mind fired u.”

She added: “Noooooooooooooo Tim Westwood is such a big part of my UK experience!!!!! He’s a f**king superstar!!!! Best interviews hands down!!!! Wtf?!?!”

He’s also been outspoken about homophobia in rap, and has interviewed everyone from Jay Z to Kanye to Snoop Dogg. He’s also won five MOBO Awards and was very polite and nice when we met him, asking: “Is it ok if I put my records away while I speak to you?” He also presented the UK version of Pimp My Ride, but we’ll forgive him for that.