Tinie Tempah’s 10 Bossiest Boss Moves on Trampoline

Tinie Tempah Launches His Disturbing London x Nike BlazerTinie Tempah’s back and Tego Sigel considers the 10 most dominant boss moves on his comeback single Trampoline…

Tinie Tempah’s back. It’s been almost three-years since Disc-Overy [crazy] and it’s 18-months since his Happy Birthday EP. To be fair though, it’s only five-months since his last number one single [Drinking From The Bottle] and a year since his last one before that [R.I.P] and just under two years since his last one before that [Earthquake]. With 2 Chainz and Diplo in tow, Tinie’s back with the first single from his forthcoming second album #Demonstration; Trampoline.

On a record featuring ASCAP’s Writer of the Year and by far the biggest hitmaker of the last 24 months on production, Patrick talks mansions and Ferraris and lists the cities he’s disturbed in his short time as a global superstar, so I thought it only right to count down Tinie Tempah’s 10 Bossiest Boss Moves on his comeback.

1.There was always going to be a question surrounding the sound of Tinie Tempah’s comeback. Calvin Harris gave him another hit to pull out in any city around the world with Drinking From The Bottle. So a more Calvin friendly, Disco-biscuit sound could almost have been excused [almost], but grabbing Diplo and making a record so internationally accessible, but so laced with British sensibilities was very bossy boss move.
2.It could be argued that Tinie didn’t need a guest on his comeback single, least of all an American one, but having more than held his own alongside J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa and Pusha T on his Happy Birthday EP, the inclusion of Titty Two Necklace, ASCAP’s Writer of the Year, on Trampoline feels like a natural one. Even the harshest 2 Chainz critic will admit that a well placed 16 from the Duffle Bag Boy can lift any record. Tinie must have thought about the risk of putting a show-stealer on his comeback single and welcomed the challenge. Bossy.
3.He’s got one album, one EP and a handful of number one singles, but Tinie Tempah’s got an autobiography. My Story So Far is supremely bossy, but the killer line “Got my own book in my library” is dominant and bossy on a whole new level.
4.Tinie could have taken Trampoline to any radio station, any DJ in the world [genuinely] and he chose Mistajam. Mistajam’s show is where exclusives live. It’s where club bangers live. It’s where rappers want to be. It’s where rappers have to be. Rather than taking Trampoline direct to the necks of the mainstream, he took it to the UK’s number one on-air taste-maker to push the button. Bossy.
5.Trampoline is clearly intended to hit outside of the UK just as much as it is over here, so with an American producer and an American feature it was important that Tinie maintain his British identity like a true boss, and represent us overseas. With a tongue in cheek he goes to “Claridges for high tea” simultaneously balling and bossing in a way previously unknown in our region.
6.On the Combat Jack Radio Show a couple of weeks back, Just Blaze made reference to the fact that Jay-Z had in fact “spent that on drapes” and there comes a point when you stop questioning what Hov tells you in his throwaway bars, he has no want for lying. Tinie Tempah too can ball outrageous with the real things he’s done, so when he says “All this hanky panky now her hand prints on my Banksy” you just have to sit back and admire. This is a guy who paid £24k for the first edition Back To The Future Nike Air Mags.
7.After debuting Trampoline with Mistajam, the official Lyric video dropped [below] and it’s likely to have hurt a few feelings with the budget for the video before the video, for the blogs and only the blogs, outweighing the total video budgets of a large portion of his would-be peers. We can only guess as to what Disturbing London have got in store for the video proper.
8.Tinie skipped two summers, and I can’t say this for certain, but having sat down with Tinie and his business partner Dumi Oburota last July, I got the feeling that it wasn’t a lack of hit single, it wasn’t writer’s block, it wasn’t sophomore album pressure, the guys were just loving life. Tinie Tempah’s music drips fun because that’s how Tinie Tempah lives. If you didn’t catch the Trampoline vibe sitting in your bedroom, lights off, with your head in your hands, studying the metaphors and waiting for the great moment of social clarity, then we suggest you go find it in its element. In a club in Dubai, where Tinie’s picking up the tab. Trampoline is love your life music.
9.The teasers might have rubbed a few people the wrong way but Tinie’s the Earthquake man and he demands shock-waves. Whether you were the smart-arse on Twitter decrying four seconds of music as a waste of time, or the same guy calling bullshit on the later 16 second clip, you were talking and as a boss, a very bossy boss, Tinie will always wield that power.
10.”When I was a kid I used to save up for my Nikes, now all these little kids are trying to save up for my Nikes” are you serious? Blazer Glory. Bossy