Vanity 7th Birthday – Friday 6th September

Vanity returns to the RedRoom for it’s 7th Birthday with 7 guest DJ’s on set some Past / Present / Guest who have all featured in previous Vanity events with 1 Debut set as well!

Silky D (Original Vanity Resident / Envy)
Elios (Military DJ Network / Debut Vanity set)
JC (Current and longest serving Vanity Resident)
T-Rez (Karma parties / Park Posse)
Firestarr (Giggs Landlord tour DJ / Turnt Resident)
Cable (BBC 1Xtra / Nike Town)
Nick T (Founder)
Hosted by the Legendary MC Fontz (sigala / The Jumpoff)

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Event link -> Vanity 7th Birthday – Friday 6th September